Vinton Construction


Vinton Construction Company Safety Program

Safety is the highest priority of Vinton Construction Company. The overall success of the company relies on a talented, healthy, and safe workforce.

Vinton Construction Company has developed a safety management team that works to continually advance and strengthen the company’s safety programs. This division works closely with other safety professionals within the construction industry to ensure compliance, innovation, and the highest standards in workplace safety. Some of these professionals include: insurance risk managers, Wisconsin Underground Contractors Association, and other contractors. The company safety director implements all company safety policies and monitors them for compliance.

Vinton Construction Company ensures all employees are equipped to work safely. Vinton provides frequent notification of new safety standards as well as training in safety procedures. Vinton also provides the highest quality of personal protective equipment for the safety of the employees.

A successful safety program requires a commitment by all employees to practice safety 100% of the time. Vinton Construction Company gives each and every employee the authority to identify and correct any unsafe conditions.

Vinton Construction Company believes that safety does not occur by chance. Safety requires the careful attention of all of the employees. With continued strengthening of this safety culture, Vinton Construction Company will continue to be a leader in the road construction industry.

—Drew Adelman, Vinton Construction Company Safety Director